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All Patient Testimonials

Dr. Radkey has one of the most professional offices I've ever been to. I like her directness and thoroughness. I have learned so much about my health. My wife and I were blessed to find her.
~S. Varonka., Fayetteville, Arkansas


I've had some weird doctors in the past... so I'm so thankful to find Dr. Radkey. She really cares about me. Thank you to Dr. Radkey for taking such good care of me!
~Susan A., Fayetteville, Arkansas


Dr. Radkey has treated me for hypertension, high cholesterol, and low vitamin levels. She has the best bedside manner I've ever experienced. She is thorough, caring, and very knowledgeable. I absolutely would absolutely recommend her to my family and my friends.
~Melody W., Eureka Springs, Arkansas


Dr. Radkey has treated me for hypertension, thyroid disease, and high cholesterol. I am very encouraged by her care and thoroughness about my health concerns.
~B.Y.W., Fayetteville, Arkansas


I see Dr. Radkey for my thyroid and other health issues. I felt that she was very thorough, very personable, knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend her to my family and friends.
~Karen B., Farmington, Arkansas


Dr. Radkey has treated me for high cholesterol and blood pressure. She's the best primary care physician. She is thorough, compassionate and caring. She listened to what I had to say about always being sick. Now I'm on a new medication and feel great. I told my sisters they need to come see her and gave them all a card to Dr. Radkey's Office.

~Pamela S., Lincoln, Arkansas
I go to Dr. Radkey for chronic pain and overall health. Dr. Radkey pays attention to detail. She spends time listening to my concerns and I never feel rushed. She treats the whole person but doesn't push for unnecessary tests or appointments.
~Melissa D., Fayetteville, Arkansas
Dr. Radkey treats me for my diabetes. This is the best I have felt for years, I'm on fewer pills and able to do so much more. I am well satisfied with my choice of doctors.
~P.C., Fayetteville, Arkansas
I see Dr. Radkey for several medical conditions. I would highly recommend her as a physician. Dr. Radkey is awesome, my old doctor just kept giving me the same medications and adding more. Dr. Radkey helped me get off some of my medications and I feel great!
~Kim, Fayetteville, Arkansas
I trust Dr. Radkey more than any other doctor I've seen in the past. I've never liked seeing a doctor, but I feel comfortable coming to see her. I see Dr. Radkey for diabetes and high blood pressure. I am pleased that we review my pills every office visit.
~E.B., Prairie Grove, Arkansas
Dr. Radkey is a good doctor. I see her for my diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. I didn't understand my other doctors, she took time to listen to me and explain what is happening. My new blood sugar meter is so much easier to use. I am learning so much about my diet and medications.
~Lisa, Siloam Springs, Arkansas
Dr. Radkey treats me for my high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She reviews all my labs with me and we talked about changing some of my pills, I feel like she listened to my concerns. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Radkey to my family and my friends. I am well pleased with her care.
~Jacquelyn S., Fayetteville, Arkansas
I am a 64 year old male who had to find a new primary care physician after 40 years - trust me, not easy! I was treated by Dr. Radkey for apparent gout, typical elder care, and guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Radkey is unbelievable - a caring, educated doctor, who takes the time to address your concerns as well as counseling you as you moving towards a better lifestyle. I was very pleased with how caring and knowledgeable she was and I'm very glad she is my new primary care physician.
~Joe W., Fayetteville, Arkansas
Dr. Radkey became my physician in 2009. I have never doubted the treatments that she recommended during our seven year association. She exhibits the best of what a good doctor should exhibit: kindness, consideration, confidence, patience, genuine interest in patients, and an excellent source of knowledge. I am 84 and have been very fortunate to escape major medical catastrophes... but have had a few moderate to minor issues through the years that were important to me... therefore, she made it important to her. She treated me most of the time, but would refer to others when she felt more information was needed. She never made me feel inadequate in any way. So sorry to lose her. My loss is someone else's gain.
~Joyce Y., Mountain Home, Arkansas
I am certainly going to miss Dr. Radkey. Her care was second to none, I always felt like I was the only patient she had when I was dealing with her. She will be sorely missed!!! 
~Nancy C., Yellville, Arkansas
I have been blessed to have Dr. Radkey as my family doctor for many years. Dr. Radkey is not only very knowledgeable and thorough, but kind and compassionate as well. I would certainly recommend Dr. Radkey to my friends and family!
~Laine S., Mountain Home, Arkansas
Dr. Radkey is very caring and I feel I am not a number. She always listens and explains clearly. We are very lucky to have her.
~Mercedes S., Mountain Home, Arkansas 
Dr. Radkey is nice and easy to talk to. She explains her process and why medicine and treatment is important for my health.
~Margarette G., Mountain Home, Arkansas
She listens and will refer to other doctors when needed. Dr. Radkey always comes into exam room knowledgeable about my condition and treatments and is open to new treatments when needed.
~Marilyn B., Mountain Home, Arkansas
She is cheerful, upbeat, patient and gives clear answers to questions and good evaluation of patient's condition, she means to improve your condition.
~Betty D., Mountain Home, Arkansas
Dr. Radkey is the most understanding doctor that my husband and myself have ever seen.
~Elva B., Mountain Home, Arkansas
She is a preventative doctor, excellent care, very compassionate, and willing to help in any way.
~J. S., Mountain Home, Arkansas
Dr. Radkey is one of the best doctors I've ever seen!
~Harvey H., Mountain Home, Arkansas
Dr. Radkey takes her time with you, and if you don't understand she will explain it for you. She is a very special lady!
~Diane J., Mountain Home, Arkansas
We could not ask for a better doctor when it comes to her interest in our care!
~Louise & William W., Mountain Home, Arkansas
Dr. Radkey is very knowledgeable and truly cares for her patients. She is the best!
~Earl L., Mountain Home, Arkansas
She listens to you and explains everything. She doesn't act like she is above you - she's my favorite doctor.
~Wilma C., Mountain Home, Arkansas
Dr. Radkey offers personal one-on-one care. She spends time and listens to what you have to say. Very knowledgeable, yet down to earth and caring.
~Rich M., Mountain Home, Arkansas
She cares about her patients; talks to you face to face and listens to what you have to say. She is very easy to talk to.
~Judy M., Mountain Home, Arkansas
She cares about our health and knows how to care for us. We love Dr. Radkey!
~Richard & Gail M., Mountain Home, Arkansas
Dr. Radkey is very friendly. If she doesn't know what's wrong, she will very quickly send you to a specialist. I feel very comfortable asking questions. She is very caring!
~Helen C., Mountain Home, Arkansas
She is very knowledgeable about my medical conditions and will get tests and specialists when needed. 
~Sandra W., Mountain Home, Arkansas
Dr. Radkey listens and looks until she has answers, she is available when you need her.
~Janice M., Mountain Home, Arkansas
She is very thorough in finding out what is wrong and the prolem's underlying cause. She has a very personable bedside manner and is reasuring.
~James E., Mountain Home, Arkansas
Dr. Radkey is very thorough and professional. She listens to how I describe my symptoms and asks questions. She is not in a hurry to assume and she knows everything about your condition. I have recommended her to quite a few people.
~Patrick D., Mountain Home, Arkansas
She is very knowledgable and explains things in a way that we can understand. We are very pleased with Dr. Radkey and her staff.
~Mary and Steve L., Mountain Home, Arkansas
Thank you Dr. Fran Radkey from one of your patients that appreciates you and I'm so glad that you're my doctor. 
You have such a way of making me feel relaxed and I feel like I can talk to you about anything and never feel embarrassed about questions I have. You have always taken time to explain things that would normally make me feel uncomfortable with other doctors. 
I can call your office when I am sick and I always seem to get in the same day even if you have to squeeze me in between other patients. Never have I ever felt that you were in a hurry to get to another patient even though you're so busy. 
Thank you Dr. Radkey for being a doctor that makes me feel good about going to the doctor. I think it is your smile that makes me feel so good. You are always happy and have a way, no matter how bad I feel, of making me feel better. 
~ Haley B., Mountain Home, Arkansas, June 14, 2015


We have been patients of Dr. Radkey's for about two years, since we moved to Arkansas from northern Illinois. We have been very pleased with her as a family doctor. She has helped us through various illnesses, and is always kind and thorough. It is not difficult to get an appointment, as one time she even "snuck" one of us in when an uncomfortable illness struck. We also like the fact that there is a nurse to call with questions.

All in all, we are very pleased with Dr. Radkey as our physician, and recommended her highly to others.
~ Arlene & Michael M., Mountain Home, Arkansas, June 1, 2015


Dr. Radkey has been my physician for many years and is absolutely the best physician I have ever had. She is very easy to talk to and has a real compassion for others. Dr. Radkey was also my mother's physician and my mother just loved her. I would not have known what to do without her helping me with my mother's health issues. She was there with knowledge and support throught it all. I cannot imagine how I could have coped with this without her support and kindness. I cannot express how much I appreciate how much she has done way beyond what any doctor would have! She is not just a great doctor, she is a great person. I am very grateful for all she has done for me and my mother. She is simply the BEST!
~ Sandy R., Mountain Home, Arkansas, June 10, 2015


I have been a patient of Dr. Radkey’s for years. She is kind, compassionate and proactive in her patients’ care and well-being.
~ Rose Miller, Minnesota


You are one of the best doctors I have ever had. One time I had such a bad pain in my face and head. Everyone was telling me that I was just having a bad headache, but then you came around the corner and took one look at me and told me to get away from the computer and proceeded to tell me I had shingles in my left eye. You called the eye doctor and sent me over right away. Thank God for you!

I have a lot of medical problems with my transplant, heart and everything else that is wrong with me and you always came through for me! You were always there for me and made sure that I did things right.
~ Dorothy Vukelich, Minnesota


If I was ill, or my family was ill, I want Dr. Radkey to care for us. She listens to our concerns and stays on top of any lab/test results.
~ Susan Schuckert, Nebraska


Dr. Frances Radkey is the epitome of the consummate physician. She is highly skilled in her knowledge of medicine and health, and yet can communicate with patients in layman's terms that are easily understood. In addition to her scientific expertise, she displays tremendous compassion and kindness when caring for her patients, qualities that are exceptional in health providers. Dr. Radkey is the perfect example of the kind of doctor one seeks for care, and we consider ourselves truly fortunate to be her patients.
~ Richard and Mary Gannon, Mountain Home, Arkansas


My family and I moved to this area about 4 years ago and were in search of a new family doctor. We started using Dr. Radkey and I have to say she is the most knowledgeable and caring doctor that I have ever had. She always explains to you what she is doing and will call you at home to follow up and see how you are doing. I would recommend Dr. Radkey to anyone. I completely trust her with mine and my family's health.
~ Shawna Herd, Mountain Home, Arkansas


Several years ago my father's Internal Medicine MD died unexpectedly. I was pleased to learn Dr. Radkey was accepting new, challenging patients like my father who is in his 80's. My father's diabetes, respiratory, heart, and cholesterol issues mandate an Internal Medicine MD monitor his health frequently. Thankfully, Dr. Radkey is patient with my stubborn, often non-compliant father. 
~ Jodie Elizabeth Jeffrey for Rex L. Jeffrey, Mountain Home, Arkansas 


My brother, who is a surgeon, recommended that when I was over 40 years old I should see a board certified Internal Medicine physician rather than a family practice physician. After inquiring who my friends recommended, Dr. Radkey was the Board Certified Internal Medicine physician I selected as my primary care physician. Dr. Radkey manages my aging issues very well and her office is very flexible in scheduling my appointments to meet my hectic career schedule. Dr. Radkey is thorough and detailed in her explanation of what, why, how, and when, regarding my health care.
~ Jodie Elizabeth Jeffrey, Mountain Home, Arkansas 


I began seeing Dr. Radkey after a scary trip to the ER which I thought was a heart problem. After a very thorough workup and tests for everything Dr. Radkey was able to put my worries at ease and help me create a plan to recover. Dr. Radkey is very easy to work with and talk to and it's nice to have a primary care physician that can deal with so many different parameters of your health at the same time. Whether you're young or old and no matter what issues you’re dealing with, I would recommend Dr. Radkey as your next primary care or internal medicine physician.
~ Jess L., Mountain Home, Arkansas  


I have seen Dr. Radkey as my primary physician for many years. I think that she is a very compassionate doctor and takes time to explain things to me. On several occasions, Dr. Radkey has even called me at home to check on me. I have never felt rushed on any visit with her, and she takes the time to listen to you. I have highly recommended her to my friends and family members. To sum it up, they do not make doctors like her anymore. I cannot say enough about her, she is the best doctor I have ever had by far!
~ Coleen W., Mountain Home, Arkansas, June 15, 2015
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